Follow Me Fitness by Allison Green

Allison Green’s Follow Me Fitness Review

Is Allison Green’s Follow Me Fitness program effective?

Is follow me fitness Allison Green real or scam? This review is based on the follow me fitness program, and here, you will be guided on what follow me fitness system offers, insight into follow me fitness trail before making a purchase and other important information we feel will be useful for you. We have done this because we believe that it is necessary you get impartial knowledge of what you want to pay for.

First, to know the official follow me fitness system site, these are some of the things you will see:

The color of the official webpage is majorly pink, white and grey.

You will find Allison’s pictures on the page, plus her before and after.

You will find an embedded video in the page.

Follow me fitness trail social media followers and likes can be found on the page.

See the follow me fitness Allison Green official page below.

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About Allison Green

Allison Green is the author of follow me fitness program. She has a TV show Bad Girls club. In follow me fitness system, she narrates how she felt sick, had no energy and weighed 115 lbs. She recounts how she went from circuit training, body building, yoga to strength training. From all these experiments, she was able to come up with follow me fitness, which is a special diet and exercise program. She used the program for 12 weeks and it all turned out to be a success story for her.

She has put follow me fitness system together to help women who have similar challenge, with little or no result from other disappointing program.

Basic Facts of Follow Me Fitness

Product name: Follow Me Fitness

Author’s name: Allison Green

Product format: PDF and video

Official download page: follow me fitness download

Product category: health and fitness

Bonus: Available Follow me fitness

Gender: Female

Status: Trustworthy/ not hype or scam.

Customer support: Excellent

Refund policy: 60 day money back guarantee

After using the diet plan that Allison included in follow me fitness program, she narrates how she became much healthier and full of energy. She tells how she eats and still lost weight. Although, this would depend largely on the kind of food she ate, because we are not a fan of those that will tell you to eat those foods that will make you fat and wouldn’t tell you to go ahead to make order on such program.

What is follow me fitness program?

Follow me fitness system is a complete 90 day workout and nutrition program with stretching routine.

Follow me fitness by Allison is broken down into 3 distinct phases of 4 weeks each.

In the first two phases of follow me fitness exercise, you are treated to a 3 week routine. The final phase is a 3 day per week routine with each exercise lasting for about an hour. There is also a stretching program that you will need to apply for the rest of the day. follow fit

The instructional videos of follow me fitness system is a ‘follow me’ system where Allison shows you how to perform the exercise properly, so that when you go to the gym, you can carry out the exercise properly. This helps you to decrease injury, ensure that you are getting the full benefits from each exercise and also helps you to maximize your efficacy in the gym and reach your full potential with every workout.

Follow me fitness exercise nutrition guide and 30 days of meal prep will help you to measure your calorie intake, as you maintain a 30 full days of meal.


-Unlike similar programs where you have to pay monthly fee to continue to enjoy the benefits, you only have to pay a one-time, low price to access follow me fitness.

-Allison in follow me fitness explains in details how to perform each exercise, giving you the benefit of expected result.

- The follow me fitness program is not as expensive as the benefits you will get from it.

- Follow me fitness is a digital downloadable program, once you make your order; you will be able to download the program into your device and start using it immediately.


For those who prefer physical product to digital ones, you may have to print a hard copy of follow me fitness ebook, since it is a digital product.

Follow me fitness program is a digital product, so you will not find it in a physical store.

Though the program may actually promise a particular time for result, it may take longer or earlier for you. It all depends on your body type.

Can you eat all you want and still lose weight with follow me fitness?

Well, there are lots of programs that assure this, but we want to believe that at the bottom of it all, they will eventually recommend specific diets that will help you lose weight. Find out what Allison has to say about her program below.

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